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Welcome to LearnAnatomy 

Welcome to LearnAnatomy, the training company of Jane Langston and Earle Abrahamson, the .authors of "Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology"


Planes and Axes of Motion

Watch Earle and Boris Junior make sense of the planes of the body, and axes of motion


Anatomical Terms 

Earle and Boris Junior make sense of the anatomical terminology. Do you know the difference between proximal and distal? 


Revision of Skeletal System

Need a quick revision of the classification of bones and their functions? Click on our video to watch.


Classification of Joints

Jane and Boris Bones Senior make sense of the classification of joints, and give you some memorable ways to remember them - using a can of WD40 and some duct tape!



Earle and Boris Junior sets our hearts on fire with this video explaining the anatomy of the heart, and the blood flow through the heart

Shoulder osteology

Boris has given his right arm to help you with your bony landmarks of the shoulder girdle and its joints


Elbow osteology

Bone up on the anatomical features of the elbow

Digestive process

Food for thought. Earle explained the details of the digestive process