Meet Benny Bones, our new mascot!

Meet Benny Bones, our new mascot!

Meet Benny Bones, our new mascot!

"Sew", what can I tell you? I have a new friend, called Benny Bones! He is a knitted mini-me and will be an additional mascot to the LearnAnatomy Team. Thanks Angela of "Kwerky Knits"!

Talking about sewing and knitting, these are wonderful ways to create new anatomy products to get a feel for them. You could knit the brain, intestines and so many other organs besides. Let us know what you have knitted - send in pictures please! And knitting patterns too!

In our body some structures, like the bones of the cranium, are stitched together. This is called a fibrous, suture joint which aids in protection of the brain. When you study joints, it is fascinating to examine how the joint holds shape. 

This week I am planning 2 new videos, one on the elbow, the other on the hand and wrist. Thereafter I aim to tackle the ankle and foot and respond to our video request. The LearnAnatomy team are hot on the heels, or should I say calcaneus, of pushing the book forward, and we continue to receive positive reviews and comments.

Have a super week, and don't let Benny pull the wool over your eyes.