LearnAnatomy at the MTI Conference

LearnAnatomy at the MTI Conference

LearnAnatomy at the MTI Conference

Hello Folks

Well has it been a busy few weeks. Where do I begin? The LearnAnatomy team presented 2 wonderful workshops at the Massage Training Institute's annual conference in April. 

 The first workshop dealt with how to test my muscles. Do you know I have over 800 muscles and in order for my muscles to work, they need to hit a nerve. Muscle testing does not always need to be strong and resistive, light gentle moves are equally important to notice small changes in the way my muscles fire. I became so excited to learn these facts. 

In fact the term excitability has a dual meeting when it comes to muscles. The ability of a muscle to receive and respond to a nerve impulse is called excitability. Muscle cells are cylindrical and elongated containing small contractile units called sarcomeres. That may explain why my muscles are so sarcastic. I have also been reading about the sliding filament theory. This theory explains how my muscles contract and relax. I learned to get my "Act" in order - get it - "Act"in one of the filaments, the other being myosin.   

The second workshop enabled me to listen to applied cases in soft tissue therapy and realise that by knowing my anatomy I can better appreciate pathologies. 

 The LearnAnatomy stand at the conference was a hive of activity. We sold the new book and our new posters. I also read the LearnAnatomy feature article in Massage World - a real inspiration to helping you learn and prepare for anatomy examinations. 

Check out the website to get your copy and look out for our new courses and workshops starting in June. The first will teach you about cells, the digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic and respiratory systems. I can't wait to meet the attendees.

Take care, study hard, and keep on exploring my wonderful body.