Boris Bones' Blog - Muscling in!

Boris Bones' Blog - Muscling in!

Boris Bones' Blog - Muscling in!

Hello folks, it me again. 

Sorry I haven't written lately, but I, together with the LearnAnatomy team, have been hard at work creating a new text on muscle testing. I have been fascinated by how our muscles work, and how best we can test their strength. 

Did you know that the Latissimus Dorsi, yes that big muscle that connects my back to my shoulder, is also called the hand-cuff muscle. It is so named because it enables the arm to move backwards, similarly to being hand-cuffed. This is anatomically speaking of course! I have never been cuffed before but if I ever do, I will have more than one bone to pick with the police! toolboxjpg

Another interesting muscle is the Serratus Anterior, this muscle is the boxer muscle as it helps us to punch.  I have just uncovered another interesting fact about the Brachioradialis muscle. 20170131_161645jpg Early scientists believed that the main action of the muscle was supination of the forearm and thus named it "supinator Longus" talk about turning a muscle around. Muscles play multiple roles and often work with other muscles to produce body movements (I am lost for words - Myo O My).

Other news is that I recently accompanied the LearnAnatomy team to 2 pathology museums, to see my buddies and consider different illnesses. I told the group that anatomy is the key to understanding pathology. The visit was enough to make me sick... and realise that a small change in a cell can cause devastation in the body. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. 20170822_145316jpg

Remember the LearnAnatomy team are also working on new workshops. Check out the website and sign up. We are also going to be at the TherapyExpo in Birmingham in November - come and say hello.

Until next time - happy learning and remember to keep on top of your studies. A small amount daily pays dividends in the end.