Making Sense of Muscle Testing!

There I was minding my muscles in Worcester. I accompanied the "LearnAnatomy" team on the workshop which explored muscles testing for the Pelvis. I could not believe the number of muscles that attach or cross the pelvis. Some sound like characters from a Shakespearean play - enter Sartorius or Gluteus Maximus. I learned that Gluteus medius prevents my bottom from dropping down - this has been the butt of many of my jokes.

I loved posing for the group and having my invisible muscles tested to illustrate the position, speed, and general technique. The LearnAnatomy team have written a wonderful new book called "Muscle Testing - A Concise Manual" and you can register your interest on the Handspring publishing website.

Today I learned about the Psoas, nothing like a silent p in a name. Talking of p, did you know the kidneys are associated with Psoas in kinesiological testing? And move up and down on the psoas muscle as we walk?- this is fascinating, almost like a lift moving up and down.

Well enough about me going on about muscle activation and testing - I learned a lot and loved exploring different techniques. Why not check out the news on the facebook page and website, and visit me on a course near you. Until next time, why not go and mingle with your muscles.