Boris Bone's Blog - Up to your elbows in anatomy revision?

Have I had a busy week!!!! So many fans are writing in, asking for help with different sections of their anatomy work. 

 One student was confused about the medial and lateral bones of the forearm and kept on getting them muddled up. I simply said to her "UM!"- which means Ulna on the Medial. I think she got it. I like to give students a helping hand. 

Other questions I have dealt with are the bones of the elbow. In fact I am about to produce a short video on this. 

 Did you know the elbow is made up of 3 joints? 

- The main one is between the Ulna and Humerus - this is a hinge joint. 
- The radius articulates with the humerus, but some claim there is no real movement here. I think this is a plane or gliding joint to be honest. 
- The next joint is the proximal radial-ulnar joint which enables the forearm to pronate and supinate. This is a pivot joint. 

Remember when you turn your palm up, you hold a bowl of "soup" - so I remember this is called "supination". I love to have food for thought when I blog. 

Don't confuse the "coronoid" process in the elbow with the "corocoid" process of the scapula. I like to remember the name of the process in the elbow by thinking I am always "annoyed" with my elbow - not such a funny bone after all!

Have fun learning, and look out for our new workshops.